Google's Wifi Passport service and app live in Jakarta

Google has partnered with MOGPlay and are now offering free or cheap Wifi access for folks in Jakarta, Indonesia. Wifi hotspots are scattered around the city, and using the official Android app and voucher codes, users can connect and stay connected (when in range) for up to 60 days.

The first voucher, good for 10 days, is free, and further vouchers are inexpensive. A 20-day pass will cost 20,000 IDR (about $2.00 US) and a 50-day pass will cost about 50,000 IDR (about $5.00 US). 

So far, this is only live for Jakarta. But it's easy to see the allure of such a program, especially in emerging markets — Google and Android's bread and butter. No word on any expansion at this point, though. If you're in Indonesia, are handy with a proxy, or know other tricks to get those apps you're not allowed to get from Google Play, you'll find this one right here.

Source: Google; Via: Google Operating System blog

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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