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Google looking for "product marketing manager" for Android, Nexus One

Would you look at that! Google is getting serious about selling the Nexus One and marketing the Android platform, too. Apparently the folks over at Mountain View have decided not to take the reported less-than-stellar sales (and we're still not buying that, by the way) lying down. A recent Google job listing calls for:

The Android space is a big opportunity for Google, and an area of strategic importance. As Product Marketing Manager for Android and Nexus One, you support the Direct-To-Consumer marketing plans and initiatives that will be rolled out in the coming months. You are focused on increasing the number of device sales and increasing awareness of the Nexus One brand.

This is refreshing news, especially since Google's flagship phone is set to be on all four major carriers by this summer. How will this affect the sales of the phone, when potential buyers still won't be able to lay their hands on it until after they've ordered the phone? Only time can answer that question, but this definitely looks to be a positive next step. [Google via Phandroid]

  • Where do I apply, I will take Google to the next level. Crushing Apple once and for all!!!
  • You can click the Google link for the job posting ;)
  • This was something that should have been done a long time ago. I understand that google wants to re-invent or minimize some of the practices Big Time Carriers use. But if you expect some sort of positivity in this tech landscape you almost have to create some hype for what your selling. For some reason people get stir crazy over things if they see it enough times & this really is an awesome device with little help for it. Hopefully we'll see some change then you'll hear "It has exceeded all of our expections" Anyways that's just my 2cents.