Google set to launch kid-friendly YouTube app on Feb. 23

According to a new report, Google is set to unveil a new Android-exclusive YouTube app aimed specifically at kids on Monday, February 23 — fittingly called "YouTube Kids." This follows news from last December that the company was working on kid-friendly versions of its products.

The news was first reported by USA Today, which got a hands-on with the app, pictured below:

A demo of the new app reveals a home screen dominated by eight large tiles showcasing images from popular kids shows. Above them hover five simple icons, a TV set for programs such as Thomas the Tank Engine and Yo Gabba Gabba; a radio for video renditions of popular songs; a lightbulb for educational programming such as Khan Academy; and binoculars to explore a range of top videos.

YouTube Kids

USA Today notes that the new app, which is the result of a collaboration between YouTube engineers and third-party testers from partner organizations, also features settings for parents to limit the amount of time their kids spend watching videos in the app.

Source: USA Today

Dan Thorp-Lancaster