Google pushes visual tweaks to mobile Search and Google Now

Not content to settle with a logo change, Google has also announced that it is rolling out some visual tweaks to mobile Search and Google Now. Google says that the tweaks to Search will make it easier to find diverse types of content through swiping and tapping, while Google Now will now separate cards by category.

When using Search on mobile, you'll now notice more horizontally scrollable sections, featuring content such as images, news stories, and Twitter posts about the topic you're exploring. Google Now, on the other hand, will now feature the day's doodle at the top of the page, with cards separated into sections. Google also says that cards will shift and change size as the day goes on to highlight what's important at any given moment.

This all follows the unveiling of Google's new logo, which the company also says you'll see start popping up all around its properties.

Source: Google

Dan Thorp-Lancaster