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What you need to know

  • Google is sending out promotional emails to Nest Aware subscribers.
  • These offer either a free Nest Hub or a Nest Mini to those who've upgraded their plan to the company's newest subscriptions.
  • Unfortunately, some users are reporting that their codes aren't working.

Update: The previously defunct Nest Hub codes are now working, with Google sending out a fresh batch of emails to users assuring them that a fix is in place, and that their codes should work now.

Nest Aware FreebieSource: Android Central

Finally rolled out earlier this month, the new Nest Aware subscriptions make things a lot easier (and less expensive) if you have multiple Nest devices around the house. Helping you take advantage of that all-you-can-eat buffet, Google is even sending out emails to those who've upgraded to the new subscriptions with an offer for either a free Nest Hub or Nest Mini.

The offer is available till August, though you will also need to be living in the U.S. to avail of it.

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Unfortunately, as our friends at 9to5Google report, many (if not all) of the Nest Hub coupons are not working. Our own Phil Nickinson received one such email (to the right), albeit for a free Nest Mini. These codes, it seems, are working, and he's soon to be the proud owner of (yet another) Nest Mini. And he didn't even need to pay for shipping.

The defunct Nest Hub codes are likely just an error on Google's part, which we expect the company will fix anytime now. When it does, we'll update this article and let you know.

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