Google Play Services 8.3 brings a better sign-in experience and more to developers

Google has announced a new version of Play Services, version 8.3, which will bring a better sign-in experience and more to developers. A key part of this release is enhancing the sign-in experience, and now developers will be able to use a Single Sign-In API, which also has the new Google logo on it. With this sign-in API, the users will only need to select their account, a single process instead of having to verify and bounce around.

In addition, the Smart Lock APIs have received some updates, and now with the new API a dialog will show if they select a previously-used email address to fill in forms easily. Finally, Google Play Services 8.3 brings an update for the DataApi to allow for urgency in how items are synced for wearables. Priorities can be added, allowing users to determine when the sync is required. If you're a developer, you can check out the full details of Play Services 8.3 at the link below.

Source: Google

Jared DiPane
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