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What you need to know

  • Google announces the global rollout of its Play Media Experience program.
  • The program will allow developers to more easily enable cross-device experiences.
  • Google commits to a 15% service fee for developers that join the program.

Google has announced that its Play Media Experience program is launching globally, allowing developers to enable deeper integration between their apps and Google's services and platforms.

The program gives developers the ability to enable app experiences across devices, including Wear OS, tablets, the best Android TVs, and more. Google says that it's "excited to help developers scale their services beyond mobile and across all the form factors that are important to users."

According to Google, the program will enable "additional discovery and engagement opportunities" through the following media:

  • Video: Will enable integration with Android TV, Google TV, and Google Cast for a "living room-first video programming offering" that will bring smart recommendations similar to what can be found on Chromecast with Google TV. This will also make cross-device playback possible.

  • Audio: Will extend premium listening experiences between Cast devices, Android Auto, and Wear OS for better content discovery.

  • Books: Will enable a better reading experience on larger-screen devices like tablets and the best foldables. It will also enable integration with Wear OS and Android Auto for audiobooks, as well as Google's new Entertainment Space for better content discovery.

Developers that sign up for the program will also get a boost from Google with a service fee of only 15%. A Google spokesperson tells us that this is separate from the reduced developer service fee that mainly focuses on smaller developers making less than $1 million annually. This program is geared more towards larger developers to help "deliver premium experiences."

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With the new Wear OS "unified platform" likely launching later this year, Google looks to be setting the stage for better interoperability between devices by getting third-party developers on board.

The Play Media Experience program is available today, and developers globally can visit the website to express their interest.

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