Google Play gift cards are real - and here's what they look like

We've already seen the Google Play Store app getting prepped for gift cards -- and now we've scored the cards themselves. (Or, at least, a look at the outer wrapping.) We've been slipped a few pics of $10 and $25 gift cards, clearly branded for Google Play, with "Music Movies Books Apps & More" listed at the bottom.

It'll be interesting to see how they get positioned at retail alongside the likes of iTunes and Barnes & Noble and lord knows how many other gift cards, but this much is certain -- that triangular logo we were never too sure about should stand out pretty well.

Also unknown is where, exactly, the cards will be available. On a micro level, that means individual stores. Best Buy? Target? Wallmart? We'll see. But nearly as important is the global level. Developers hate seeing U.S.-only launches and, frankly, we're not fond of them either. (Not like we'll turn it down, but we'd prefer everyone has a chance to play. Google likely would agree.)

So, yeah. Gift cards are coming, and it looks like they're coming sooner rather than later.

We've got a couple more pics after the break for good measure.

Thanks, anon!

Phil Nickinson
  • It's about time!
  • I'm with you on this , that's the one thing i liked about my apple products . I didn't have to balance my checkbook to buy an app
  • Yah...ya gotta wonder what department of geniuses at Google took this long to figure this idea out. Standing in the checkout at the grocery store one day and look up to see the iTunes gift cards and the penny finally dropped?
  • About time they came out with this. I don't really like having every site in the world store my credit card if I don't have to and I didn't like the way it would purchase things one at a time. Not to mention this is what was allowing Apple to have so many sales because a 10 year old can buy a gift card but doesn't always have access to a credit card!
  • Moreso, you can GIVE one to a ten year old kid, with no credit card concerns.
  • And none to give out in a contest or something - come on Phil! :-)
  • I'm sure that Andoid Central, the biggest and best Android blog in the universe, will be the FIRST to give out Play Store gift cards. :) (Looking at you Phil; don't let me down.)
  • This is awesome.
  • Hope they come to the uK as well.
  • Me too but can't see it in the near future, same as we can't get magazines or music on play, I suspect it'll not all be down to Google forgetting there's a world outside of the USA but to out of date EU legislation... but got to wonder how Apple can sell music and Google can't, Wonder if Apple have some form of exclusivity agreement in place...
  • Why does it take so long for Google to come out with this stuff....seems like a no brainer to me
  • They're not exactly the first to do anything, but what they do and when they do it, they do it well. I've seen lots of things come way to fast and the company is either not ready and fails, or they hit the market too early and fail. I'd rather see Google take things slow and succeed.
  • They probally had to work around an Apple pattent on Gift Cards.
  • Surprised it took this long. Glad they are finally starting though!
  • This should make Play Store explode! If stores can push this with every phone sold
  • Hopefully apple doesn't have a patent on gift cards, and lol
  • BAZINGA!!!
  • somewhere in hell steve jobs is calling his legal team
  • Great stuff!
  • As you can see they resemble iTunes gift cards in shape. This will go to court just wait lol After all Apple invented gift cards.
  • Well they do have rounded corners.
  • The real question is whether these will be tied to your Google Wallet, specifically the Google Prepaid Card. This would essentially make them gift cards for anywhere you can tap-to-pay. There is not as much revenue per transaction for Google this way probably, but it would be more enticing.
  • I hope they come in a digital way somehow, like if you get the number on your email or something like that
  • I'm honestly surprised they even have physical cards at all, whether you load them into your account and throw them away right away or not. I can't even think of a place where you could use a physical Google Play card? Why not just email a one-time access code or link? I figured physical gift cards were on their way out, and then Google of all companies introduces a new one...smh
  • Because some people (who don't have credit/debit cards) can't buy online, while they can buy at a store with cash
  • Thank god. Im 18 and I dont have a credit card. This will be great for me! I am used to buying iTunes gift cards for my Mac so this is great for my Android phone!
  • As if I didn't get enough gift cards for christmas lol
    Glad to see they finally got out there.
  • Sweet! Now, if only Coinstar would give vouchers for Google Play cards like they do iTunes I'd have to split all the loose change up for the different mobile devices! About time Google!
  • Christmas shopping just got a hell of a lot easier for me. I've got about 10 family members & a few friends who will get these now. Get em on the shelf Google. Take my money.
  • Oh my God. They have rounded corners!
  • ROFL!
  • Now, for places outside the "chosen few".
  • I there any way to purchase apps locally for a remote device; say for the wife or a friend without an entire gift card??
  • No. Why on earth would you want to do that, silly? No one ever wants to give gifts to someone else. Feh. Oh...wait....
  • Woo Hoo! Time to Play!
  • No thanks! Gift cards increasingly tend to pocket extra money for the retailer or card provider unless you're the fastidious type that ensures you use every single penny off em.
  • I'm fairly certain that you will log into your Google play account and apply the card, then throw away the card and use the balance in your play account until it is gone. Unless Apple patented that...
  • sweet! good stuff, can't wait for them to hit the stores!
  • This is what I wanted last Christmas. I had to settle for an gift card instead. And I want one for this Christmas just in case you're reading this Santa (and Google).
  • Do you have a debit card??
  • FINALY! this made too much sense to have been put off so long.
  • I have never wanted to associate my credit card with an online account, so when I had an iPhone, I bought iTunes cards. When I switched to Android, the alternative came from Amazon rather than Google. I hope this provides a boost to app developers who should be earning more for their efforts.
  • Hope these come to Canada but since it clearly says music I don't see it happening unless they will finely release Google music to Canada.
  • Yeah there's gonna be a 50 dollar one too, I got to work at the laminating shop where these were being printed but, always thought they were already available..., =( never figured it was new worthy to take a pic
  • I feel an Android Central contest coming involving Google Play Cards. :-)
  • can you use these on the android store on your phone?