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  • Best Buy's landing page for the upcoming Pixel 4 has revealed the phone's Motion Sense feature will work only in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and Europe.
  • Motion Sense technology will allow the Pixel 4 to detect your gestures, allowing you to do things like skipping songs and silencing phone calls without even touching the phone.
  • The Soli radar chip to enable the Motion Sense feature is located in the Pixel 4's top bezel, along with a selfie camera and a few other sensors.

In a blog post published a few weeks back, Google had confirmed that the Pixel 4 will come with a Soli radar chip, powering a new Motion Sense feature that will let users skip songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls just by waving their hand. While the blog post had noted that Motion Sense will only be available in select countries, it didn't say which countries will get the feature and which won't.

The list of countries where Motion Sense will work has finally been revealed, courtesy of the Best Buy landing page for the Google Pixel 4.

Wave hello to Motion Sense — You no longer have to touch your phone to make things happen. Motion Sense is a new technology in Pixel 4 that can detect your gestures without you having to touch the screen.

The landing page, which was first spotted by XDA Developers, notes the Pixel 4's Motion Sense feature will not be functional in Japan. It will only work in the U.S., Canada, Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, and "most" European countries. What still remains unclear, however, is if Google will expand the list of supported countries after the Pixel 4's launch.

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Apart from detecting gestures, the chip will also power the Pixel 4's Face Unlock feature. It will turn on the face unlock sensors located in the top bezel of the phone whenever it recognizes that a user wants to unlock it.

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