Google Now on Tap offers in-app translation, QR code scanning and more

Google has rolled out a few interesting improvements to its Now on Tap feature. You can use Now on Tap to translate text on any screen, including apps, with just the tap of a button. You can also use it to uncover new facts about your interests, and search by image has gotten a boost.

From Google:

Today, we're introducing new Now on Tap features that surface useful content and create a more engaging experience. With these updates, users can translate text on any page, discover more about the things that interest them, and learn more about products by using QR codes and bar codes in Search by Image.

While Chrome will instantly translate any webpage you come across, Now on Tap allows you to translate pretty much any screen, including apps. Just activate Now on Tap on the page to be translated, then hit the "Translate this screen" button.

Discover offers a new way to learn more about the things you love. When you activate Now on Tap while reading an article about astronomy, for instance, tap the new Discover button to get a stream of photos, news articles, and videos about NASA or space exploration.

Finally Now on Tap support for QR codes and barcodes lets you get useful information on the items you want to buy. Building off of the recently-released object recognition feature, which also uses your camera, you can open Now on Tap while using your camera to automatically scan QR codes and barcodes in your viewfinder. Now on Tap will then generate a number of helpful cards.

These features are rolling out to Now on Tap already, but it could take a little time for them to arrive on your phone.

Joseph Keller