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Google-Motorola deal approved by Chinese regulators

Google/Motorola logo
Google/Motorola logo (Image credit: Android Central)

Regulators in China have approved the multi-billion dollar purchase of Motorola Mobility by Google. The particulars have already been approved in the US and elsewhere, and China has been the lone holdout. With that bit of dirty business behind them, the deal can now go forward. In statements released to Bloomberg Motorola and Google both confirm the news, and are looking forward to getting the loose ends tied up in short order.

We expect things to stay unchanged between Google and Motorola, as we've heard numerous times that Motorola will remain an independent entity. Only time will let us know how that turns out. It will be an interesting summer, that's for sure.

Source: Bloomberg; Thanks, Alexander!

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • Its about time
  • Now Motorola devices will be able to get off the docks. Apple here is my corkscrew, now watch me PULL!
  • Motoroogle is more catchy...
  • I think I know where we'd all like to see this go, with Moto making pure Google phones and selling them on the Play Store. What I expect will happen is that Google will split off the handset manufacturing business and turn the rest of the company over to research, development and patent creation in order to protect the future generations of Android.
  • Probably so... But I would like to see just one pure Google phone featuring the build quality of Motorola. Say what you will about other aspects. But Motorola hardware is still some of the best.
  • the hardware is nice not spectacular but I will say the atrix last year was bleeding edge. I really haven't liked the design of most the models they put out. I almost like the RAZR but honestly the oneX/gs3 are two nice looking phones
  • As a Droid 2 and Bionic owner I tend to agree. But it's not just the build quality that brings me back to Moto, it's their radios. I can make calls in places other phones either can't at all, or will drop in and out.
  • I wholeheartedly agree. My old Droid X2 was a rock with phone radios built in. A damn near indestructible phone that NEVER lost a single call. I always had 4-5 bars anywhere I went. I certainly can't say that about my experience w/ Samsung (Fascinate) or my current HTC Rezound.
  • LOL. No. You aren't going to see Moto phones sold on the play store. If they did that you would have every OEM screaming bloody murder.
  • Excellent; I wonder if this changes Moto's stance on ICS updates?
  • Has South Africa weighed in yet, or can we finally get this done already?
  • From the article, "China has been the lone holdout". I also don't understand why US companies need international approval for the deal, but considering this is the biggest acquisition of its kind in the last 10 years, there may be some international laws demanding it.
  • pssssttt ... that was a sarcastic, rhetorical question. No need for an answer ;)
  • I was obviously addressing the related serious question "On what legal basis do deals between US-based companies require international approval?"
  • Yeah, I don't see the logic in this either. If Target buys Starbucks does Australia get to nix the deal? WTF?
  • If Target wants to sell Starbucks in Australia they do :)
  • Because Motorola probably has a few manufacturing sites in china and when you run a businesses in one country, that country has to weigh in on any mergers and acquisitions.
  • Hopefully this gives google some ammo to bitch-slap the patent trolls.
  • I was thinking it^^ but couldn't put it in word form..thank you sir..Google break out the baby powder..
  • Now we can see same best design from googlerola. And quality phones with pure I/O version and on time new versions
  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. I want Moto to fail after what it's done to it's costumers.
  • "It's customers"? Sounds like you don't even own one PS: Its is the possessive form of It, not It's
  • P. S. All punctuation belongs INSIDE the latter quotation mark, not after it.
  • Googlerola?
    Googarola better
    Motoroogle good
    Motoogle not so good
  • Maybe now they can use Motorola's patents and licenses to make an even better nexus. Like to see a better camera for sure.
  • Tearoom Log Logo
  • I have the Razr Maxx & hopefully with google buying motorola it will change for the better.. Because the Razr Maxx sucks except fur the battery..
  • If I had only one wish for this merger it would be for Motoblur to die a quick and painful death.
  • As for this comment in the story: "We expect things to stay unchanged between Google and Motorola, as we've heard numerous times that Motorola will remain an independent entity. Only time will let us know how that turns out". Remember that Google bought Zagat last summer and rumors had it that it was going to incorporate it into their map program. Well seems that they are still operating as they were before.