Android Central

Google is continuing to build on its mobile search experience with the launch of a new section for recently-searched places on its mobile homepage. If you've got Web History enabled in your Google Account, you'll now see an additional option -- "Recent" -- when you visit on your Android or iOS device.

This gives you a scrollable list of places you've searched for on Google within the past 24 hours, providing quick access to phone numbers, map directions and other pertinent information. It's a pretty neat new feature that we're sure will save a few people some time and effort. And if you're creeped out by the fact that Google has a list of places you might be going to, you can get rid of it by disabling Web History in your Google Account.

Right now it seems the new feature is live in the U.S. only, but international users can get to it by loading up in their mobile browsers.

Source: Google Mobile Blog