Google Play Services brings two great new APIs to the table: Photo Sphere viewing and vector-based maps

Google Play services is now at version 2.0, and a couple of great new features are on board.

First is an update to the Maps API for Android apps. Version 2 of the API now includes vector-based maps, with both 2D and 3D views, as well as tilt-rotate visuals. Google’s also added UI design elements that can be scaled up for tablets.

Apps will also get to use Maps layers like satellite, hybrid, terrain and traffic information. The latest indoor maps layer covering airports and shopping center layouts is in there, too. Google’s been calling for building participation in the project, and stores like Ikea are early participants.

Additionally,  full details about the Photo Sphere tool are available, and these new APIs will help interested third parties create standalone viewers using the new metadata from Adobe. With the open XMP format, Photosphere is now open to all. We like open around here, especially because it means we should finally (eventually) be able to view Photo Sphere pictures in the Google+ application.

Hit the break for a developer video from Google about the new API.

via: Android Developers

Source: Google Maps blog

Victoria Ho