Google launches Chinese language version of its developer-focused YouTube channel

Google announced today that it is launching a Chinese language version of its very popular developer-focused YouTube channel. The channel will feature videos in Mandarin, as well as subtitled versions of the videos that appear over on its English speaking channel.

From Google:

Today, the Google Developer Platform team is launching a Chinese language and captioned YouTube channel, aiming to make it easier for the developers in China to learn more about Google services and technologies around mobile, web and the cloud. The channel includes original content in Chinese (Mandarin speaking), and curates content from the English version of the Google Developers channel with Simplified Chinese captions.

Right now, the channel is fairly bare, featuring a developer channel promo, as well as an introduction video, which you can check out above.

While this is a great step toward helping developers around the world better integrate their apps with Google's services, it's unclear whether the channel will be accessible from within China without the same VPN workaround that is required for other Google services such as Gmail and Google Maps.

Source: Google

Dan Thorp-Lancaster