Google I/O tickets listed at alarming prices in eBay auctions

We've got nothing against capitalism and making a quick buck here and there, but there's something just ... wrong about tickets to the Google I/O developer's conference being auctioned off for more than $1,300.

Sure, the event sold out in just 59 minutes, and there's going to be more browser, search and Android news than can be contained in 48 hours -- plus the parties, food and strong possibility of free stuff. But considering the general-admission price of a ticket was $$450/550 and are now going for more than double that -- and student/teacher tickets are going for a good $400 or so over face value -- well, it just leaves a bad taste in our mouths for what is an exceptional event that not enough people get to attend.

The good news is that Google will stream the keynote addresses live both days, and session videos will go up later, so it's not like you completely miss out if you're not there. In the meantime, however, let's hope that Google or eBay or (gasp) the sellers do the right thing here. [eBay via Android Police]

Phil Nickinson