Google I/O 2020 canceled over Coronavirus fears, will be held digitally

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What you need to know

  • The Google I/O 2020 physical event has been canceled and will be held digitally.
  • Refunds will be given to those who have purchased tickets for I/O 2020.
  • People who were awarded tickets for the 2020 event will be automatically awarded tickets to the 2021 event.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has claimed another tech event as Google has decided to cancel its annual developer conference. In an email going out to Google I/O attendees, it states that due to concerns around the virus, the physical event at Shoreline Amphitheatre is canceled. Instead, it will be moving to a digital presentation this year.

Google I/O is one of the major events held where it shows off some of the projects the teams at Google have been working on. In the past, things like Google Assistant, Google Duplex, Live Caption, and not to mention, a public beta for the next version of Android have been shown off. I/O is primarily an event for developers to get the info that is vital to their livelihood directly from Google software engineers.

Google says that it took into consideration guidance from CDC, WHO, and other health authorities when making the decision to cancel the event. Tickets that had been purchased for the 2020 event are going to be refunded, and folks that were awarded tickets for 2020 will automatically get the option to purchase for next year.

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