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Google Home Max has a slight latency issue with its aux port

Google recently launched the Home Max as its flagship smart speaker, and although it's not perfect, it's still a lot of fun for audio lovers that are heavily invested in Google's walled-garden. The speaker isn't without its flaws, but there's a new one that was recently discovered that could prove to be a pain in the butt for a small group of people.

First reported by Variety, the Google Home Max has a latency issue when playing music through its aux port. The aux port can be used to connect a turntable, tape deck, or another music-making device directly to the Home Max, but when doing this, there's a delay of a couple milliseconds from playing the music and it actually being outputted from the speaker.

That might sound like a big deal, but thankfully it'll be a non-issue for most people. You can still listen to music via the aux port on the Home Max without any issues, but if you're a DJ and trying to use it as a way to hear tunes you're creating, this is where you'll really start to notice the latency.

Google has since reached out to Variety to say that it's aware of the issue and that "the delay is in regards to how long it takes for the music to start playing, and does not affect synchronization of sound across home devices – which is near perfect for most setups."

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  • Honestly what serious DJ would be using this instead of a reference monitor?
  • I think the real issue would be anyone using them with their home theater and trying to play video games or watch movies.