Google Home and Google Wifi launching in the UK on April 6 for £129

After a brief teaser last month, Google has today officially announced the launch of Google Home and Google Wifi for the UK.

The new devices see the company building out its "made by Google" hardware range internationally, following last October's Pixel phone launch. Home and Wifi represent new frontiers for Google in the UK, where Amazon has been selling its Echo-branded smart speakers since late last year.

Google Home

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Google Home will go on sale on April 6 priced at £129, and it'll feature a wide range of new UK-specific capabilities. Google has partnered with the BBC, The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Sun, The Telegraph, Huffington Post, Sky News, and Sky Sports to deliver a daily news brief, and you'll be able to play music from Google Play Music, Spotify, TuneIn, and access live radio from the BBC.

Google Wifi will also go on sale starting April 6, with a 1-pack retailing for £129 and a 2-pack for £229. The latest additions in Google's hardware family will be available from the Google Store as well as Argos, Dixons, John Lewis and Maplin. The Google Home will also make its way to EE shortly, and the Google Wifi will similarly go up for sale on Amazon at a later date. Customizable bases for the Google Home will be available starting at £18 for fabric and £36 for metal bases.

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  • Hopefully that also means that we won't have to set our language to "English US" any more to enable Assistant on the phone.
  • Yeah, what is the chance of getting the English version on a US import?
  • Will my Home get an English accent then? I don't like hearing my timer set for "twenny minutes".
  • Too late. Received an Echo & Echo Dot for Xmas. I can't justify this now. Unless Google do a trade in? Then I'll jump ship.
  • But YouTube Red though...?
  • Saaaaammmmmmeeee!
  • Even though I own an Echo Dot, I will be getting a Google Home. Shame the price couldn't have been a touch cheaper.
  • Canadian release date? I'm surprised our friends across the pond are getting it first. Although I believe it would work just fine here should I buy one in the US.
  • Exactly, Google said early 2017 for Google Home release in Canada and when I think of anything that say their releasing early next year, I usually think by the end of the Q1 (which is end of March). Hopefully we'll hear something soon, maybe possibly at Google I/O in May.
  • .
  • What about Europe, Google?
  • Can't wait! But the article doesn't make it clear on Amazon's availability. Will Home be available from Amazon on launch? It's the only place I trust to buy things from.
  • Just patiently, **cough** impatiently **cough** waiting for it to be released in Australia... Still tempted to just buy from the US and import it!