There are so many different smart home startups out there attempt to do their part to contribute to the ever-growing ecosystem of connected devices. And the Google Home, which is meant to be used exclusively inside your dwellings, now supports a few more standards to make it easier for you to control those third-party products.

Originally discovered on two different Google Support pages by Android Police, it's now plainly stated that Google Home supports iHome, Leviton, Emberlight, and Samsung Artik Cloud connected devices. This means that a whole host of smart plugs, smart switches, and outlets are now supported by Google Assistant, so you can shout out Okay, Google! to start commanding the different devices around your home. Note that if you use the Samsung Artik Cloud, the Legrand smart hubs are currently the only product supported.

Curious to try the functionality for yourself? The services are now available in the Google Home app.

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