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Google Home can now be assigned to specific rooms for smart home controls

The Google Home app can do a multitude of things, and at times, its functionality can be a bit daunting. Google recently pushed out a big update for the application to make navigating its main functions a bit easier, and along with that, one of Google Home's long-running pain points has been corrected in the process.

One of the best parts of Google Home is using the smart speaker to control all of your connected light bulbs, outlets, thermostats, and more with just your voice. The Google Home app allows you to see all of the smart home gadgets that are connected to your Home speaker, and along with this, lets you give them nicknames and assign them to certain rooms. For example, saying, "Ok, Google, turn off the bedroom" will turn off any connected devices that are assigned to the bedroom.

You couldn't previously assign Google Home speakers to rooms, but this has finally been changed. If you open up the Home control section of the Google Home app, you'll now see a message prompting you to assign devices to rooms that don't currently have one. All of my regular smart devices already have assigned rooms, but as you can see in the screenshot above, my Google Home (named Living Room Home) now shows that it isn't currently assigned to a room.

This added functionality is nice to have, but what's so great about it?

Although not a game-changer, being able to assign Google Home speakers to rooms means that you can say "Ok, Google, turn off the living room" to shut off not only your smart lights at nighttime, but also your Google Home if it's playing music. It seems that Chromecasts should work in the same manner, and while we would have loved to see this added months ago, we're just glad that this addition is finally here.

Joe Maring was a Senior Editor for Android Central between 2017 and 2021. You can reach him on Twitter at @JoeMaring1.

  • If only google home would just turn the lights off and not say anything. I don’t need a 2 minute long verbal confirmation that the lights are off. So annoying. That’s what I was hoping this was addressing.
  • I'd swear that this was in there at launch, then removed, but either way, it's great to see it working now. It's not fun trying to explain to guests what I've named each room.
  • Does this allow you to attach a Google home to a specific chromecast or lights that are in the room. Ex. "Google play House of cards" and it plays on the chromecast that is in the room or "Google turn off the lights" and it turns off all the lights only in the room that it is in? I am hoping that this is the direction that Google is going. Just upset that the Google Mini does not have a Aux out but if you can assign a specific chromecast that it is alway attached to like in a specific room then no big deal. Currently I have an Echo Dot attached to my overhead ceiling kitchen speakers and wanted to replace it with a Google Mini but if it can't answer me over the kitchen speakers then it may not be for me unless you can connect it once and it keeps the connection forever.
  • "Turn on/off the lights" is still not location-aware, at least in the test I just ran- instead of turning on/off the devices in the room with the GH, it still turns them all on/off. "Turn on/off the lights IN THIS ROOM" now works, however. This really wasn't what I was hoping for-- yes, it's easier to explain to someone to use "this room" than "home theater/front room", but it also would be easier to explain "turn on/off ALL the lights" if you really want to affect all 17 simultaneously. Does anyone really turn everything on and off at the same time? Isn't a single room the more common use case?
  • Probably the biggest reason I'd want this is is to say "Hey Google, turn on the lights" and it'll turn on the lights in the room it's assigned to. Guess I'll test that out when I get home.