What you need to know

  • Google Go is a lightweight version of the regular Google app and uses less storage/data.
  • It was first launched in 2017 for select countries as part of the Android Go program.
  • As of August 20, 2019, it's available worldwide for everyone to download via the Play Store.

Back in 2017 when Google launched the Android Go program, it created an assortment of "Go" apps to go along with it — essentially lightweight versions of its various applications that take up less storage space and use less data.

Go apps were designed with developing countries in mind, but a lot of them have since become available globally due to their popularity. On August 20, Google announced that Google Go was getting that treatment.

Google Go is a paired down version of the main Google app, offering key features such as Google Lens, Discover, easy access to images, a read-out-loud feature that enables users to listen to the text on a webpage, and Google's unmatched search algorithm.

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The best part? Google Go takes up considerably less space on your phone (it only weighs a little over 7MB) and works well even when you have a spotty internet connection.

If you want to give Google Go a shot, you can download it right now from the Play Store for free.

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Google, but lighter

Google Go

Google's core features in a lightweight package.

Google Go is now available for everyone to download, and that's great news. Google Go has all of the core Google features, but it offers them in an app that takes up minimal storage space and works well even if you have a weak data connection.

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