Google Fit provides devs a common health tracking platform

Yet another gem out of Google I/O is Google Fit. This is a common platform for developers to build their health-related apps, and, more specifically, tie in wearable monitoring hardware. Using this API, apps will be able to swap and pull in data to build comprehensive images of your fitness. This is all done with explicit user permission, and you can always nuke any biometric data you don't want lingering around these apps.

Nike Fuel and Noom are just some of the partners demoed at Google I/O, but Adidas, Withings, and Runkeeper are just a few of the other big names that are already on board. There will be a paltform preview made available to devs in a few weeks.

What do you guys think? Could you use a better means of allowing your various wearables to talk to one another? Be sure to relive the event through our Google I/O liveblog!

Simon Sage
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  • very good news. i'm hopeful Fitbit jumps on this quick. with all the smartwatches coming out they'll need to make a move to stay relevant.
  • Smart. That way these companies can focus on betting their hardware and sensors instead of splitting their time on software interface so much Posted via Android Central App
  • What Nike fuel was shown at I/O? I though all reports were that Nike was going to be part of the new Ifollow?
  • Just last night I was trying to help my GF link Myfittnesspal with Runkeeper and Fitbit.
    "No, you can't do it from the app, you'll have to log into the website."
    "Wut?" Yeah, I'm excited about this!