Android Wear video highlights Google's design views

Google's Android Wear platform will likely be a major talking point at this year's I/O conference, which will be conducted next week. Ahead of the event, Google is giving a glimpse of what its new platform can do through a series of videos posted to its YouTube dev channel.

The latest video gives an overview of the current state of the Android Wear dev preview, which allows devs to direct notifications from an Android app to a wearable device with a minimal amount of effort. Along with notifications, devs can access and retrieve data from the smartphone to a device like a smartwatch and vice-versa. They can also access information from sensors in real-time, which creates the potential for a more involved user experience.

With Android Wear, Google is looking to simplify the amount of time it takes to interact with something in the digital world. We should have more information on the platform as a whole next week, which is when LG is also scheduled to launch its G Watch, the first wearable running Android Wear.

You guys excited about Android Wear?

Source: YouTube

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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