Google Docs, Sheets, Slides permanently replace Quickoffice

After having acquired Quickoffice, Google had made ported many of the document suite's features to its Google Drive service. As such, Google will be retiring Quickoffice and migrating users who need native document editing and creation to Drive's standalone Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps. The move will affect both iOS and Android users as Google suggests that users migrate to those apps instead.

"With the integration of Quickoffice into the Google Docs, Sheets and Slides apps, the Quickoffice app will be unpublished from Google Play and the App Store in the coming weeks," Google said. "Existing users with the app can continue to use it, but no features will be added and new users will not be able to install the app."

Users can download Docs, Sheets, and Slides for free now from either the App Store or the Google Play store.

Source: Google

Chuong H Nguyen
  • Typical Google, always throwing away products. Posted via Android Central App
  • How is that "throwing away" a product, exactly? They're migrating functionality elsewhere.
  • Why would they still need Quick Office? it is redundant. The people who worked on Quick Office are likely now all working on Google's suite of productivity apps.
  • Some people want and/or need non-networked, non-Google-cloud applications that can read and write local files, privately, and without "cloud storage".
  • Definitely agree with this! Posted via Android Central App
  • Quick Office is already Google Cloud though since they were bought I thought
  • You could just put it in offline mode and write your documents in private without syncing up to the cloud.
  • There are plenty of apps for that on the play store, not developed by Google
  • Tell that to the people who purchased QuickOffice for that very same reason a while back.
  • You can use Docs / Sheets / Slides on Microsoft Office files locally without using Drive cloud storage.
  • That's what you have Office or any of it's various free variations for. Google purchased Quickoffice so they could implement it's features into Docs making it a better cloud alternative. That was always going to be the case.
  • I use quick office all the time, just to read pdf's. Nice to read about it before they closed it off and removed the app. Wish Google would just send out emails when this happen so the average joe know how functionality is changing.
  • My father-in-law prefers the QuickOffice app for editing spreadsheets on his iPad because it's MUCH easier to enter formulas in QuickOffice than it is in Sheets. Also, the Sheets apps still can't display graphs and charts, which is a freaking huge part of most spreadsheets.
  • Are you really that stupid? It will be updated to have equal or better functionality before shut down
  • Remind me why you are here...? ಠ益ಠ
  • How the heck am I supposed to read PDFs now???? Stupid Google.
  • Umm...Adobe Acrobat!
  • Thanks for proving again just how ignorant you are. Posted via Android Central App
  • Dude quick office was the native app to use PDF Docs, slides, excel whatever it's called doesn't open PDF I prefer Google vs other developer apps as they're painfully slow
  • Quick office isn't going away now, it's going away when all functionality is ported. Posted via Android Central App
  • Android Central needs to throw your account away. Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.
  • Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way! Posted via Nexus 5 with SwiftKey
  • So how do I uninstall Quickoffice from my Nexus 5 - I guess root is required?
  • If you have root you could use Titanium Backup to uninstall system apps. My guess is to just leave as is, though, as the Android L update will likely have Docs, Sheets, and Slide installed with the OS and no Quick Office. Plus removing it may hurt you getting the Android L OTA unless you wish to manually install the system image once Google releases it in the fall.
  • Can it not be disabled? It doesn't take much space That'll be $15.20 plus tip.
  • Replace 1 app with 3. Sounds logical to me. *rolls eyes* Posted via Android Central App
  • Actually, what they're trying to accomplish by making Docs, Sheets, and Slides "separate apps" is this: they'll be able to push smaller updates to the functionality of each without having to update the entire Drive app. They aren't actually standalone apps, but more like plugins.
  • Also not everyone needs the functionality of all three apps, for example; I don't need Slides and have only just started needing Sheets, whereas I've always needed Docs. Posted via Android Central App
  • This. Rather than pushing several updates to drive at once, when people may not need most of the features, they'll push individual updates to docs and sheets, and if you don't need those you likely won't have it installed anyways. This would save data too by only giving you what you want. Posted via Android Central App
  • Why do they merge SMS and hangouts? I said the same thing. I don't use hangouts but they merged it.
  • Hangouts gained the ability to act as your default SMS app. You can choose a different app to handle SMS and completely ignore Hangouts.
  • Which is fine except that they're not plugins, they are standalone apps. :/ Posted via Android Central App
  • Exactly! They are separate apps. Posted via Android Central App
  • It does if I only ever need one of them. Not sure how you couldn't think of one valid reason. How sad. Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.
  • How can you and other people be so ridiculously retarded? (Look at other replies)
  • and how i'm supposed to open file from my phones memory in google docs?
  • Good point. I hope they implement that feature when merging the two apps.
  • You already can
  • I don't really get breaking an office suite into its components. Not to mention QuickOffice is around 10MB while docs, slides and sheets total about 50MB. Not that big a deal, but it's there. Posted via Android Central App
  • Breaking it up into it's components means individual programs can get faster updates and newer features instead of having to update the entire program with the 3 apps in it. Same principle as Google putting all of its apps (even stock apps like keyboard and calendar) on Google Play instead of updating them through the OS. Each component can update when ready instead of waiting for a major new OS release to update a bunch of things at once.....and everyone can have a Google experience, even if they are not on a Nexus or GPE device.
  • I get the idea of breaking apps out of the OS and that's a good thing. But as I see it this is completely different. There's nothing to stop them updating the app whether it's one suite app or three standalone ones, and why are these document editing apps going to need to be constantly updated anyway? And is it really better to have three apps that will take more data to update than the suite would? It just seems messy and inefficient. Posted via Android Central App
  • QuickOffice was just a redundant addition to Drive. Drive is what would have been needing updating all the time just to add features to one of the three and Drive with all three would be a very very large app. More features means larger app usually and that's why QuickOffice is so small, it lacks features. Don't even include QuickOffice in the picture, it's about Drive, Sheets, Docs and Slides (so far).
  • Don't worry! You can still edit all of your documents while on the porcelain throne and then walk back into your office to finish the edits. I love technology.
  • Folks who are complaining about opening local files, etc. obviously have not used Docs in ages. Everything commenters on this thread are complaining about being able to do has been added long ago. You don't need an Internet connection, etc.... Posted via Android Central App
  • Much easier for them to complain than actually do a little research, or even use Docs.
  • Try opening a spreadsheet with charts and graphs in the Sheets app, and then in QuickOffice. Then try editing some spreadsheet formulas in the Sheets app, and then in QuickOffice. Then come back here and apologize or admit that Sheets and Docs aren't ready to replace QuickOffice yet.
  • I still use quickoffice on my moto x Posted with my Moto X
  • I'll continue to use Quickoffice (accessing Docs, Sheets, and Slides from one app just feels more convenient); however, when Quickoffice is eventually no longer available, I'm sure I'll adjust to clicking on the standalone apps. Posted via AC App on HTC One
  • Why don't you just use Drive where opening a doc or whatever is opened seamlessly in the Docs app...? So it isn't like three separate ones
  • I don't care if it's one app or three. I also don't care that Quickoffice, which I purchased a few years ago, is now deprecated. I only care that Google is investing resources into their office suite, that development will carry on, and that this one project is better than the sum of the two projects it merged from. I wish it would grow feature parity with MS Office in the future--that's probably not going to happen.
  • As long as I will be able to open a MS spreadsheet that contains multiple sheets some of which contain graphs and charts generated from the first parent sheet I am OK. I could not do this with the previous Google sheets but was able to do this with Quick office. As long as I can go to Google docs and open a document created in MS WORD I am ok. In the current version of docs I cannot. Instead I have to use quick office. As long as I can do both of these things in one app type I will be happy. If I cannot, I will not be happy.
  • Yeah. The current Docs and Sheets apps still have quite a few limitations and quite a lot of missing functionality compared to QuickOffice. They damn well better be updating Sheets and Docs with the missing functionality in the next few weeks if they are going to pull QuickOffice.
  • That's right! ... ( 0ppo F5) ...
  • I wonder why they are keeping them split. Yet with hangouts they seem to want to combine everything. I'd rather have my office suite merged and my SMS social garbage separate. Who cares if they update one app all the time or three separate apps at different times.
  • Might have to do with the teams behind each app... I imagine core SMS functionality was just something they threw at the Hangout team cause it's a drag (SMS as a protocol really is the ultimate MacGyver project and it's a miracle it still works). There might be separate teams behind each of the office apps, just conjecture tho. I don't see what the big deal is either way, no one is forcing anyone to use Hangout for SMS or to stop using QuickOffice (article clearly states it'll be available for those who already have it).
  • I couldn't open a .xlsx document in Sheets the other day, but could in Quickoffice. Hope Google fixes that soon. Posted via Android Central App
  • Still can't view charts and graphs in the Sheets app either. And entering formulas in the Sheets app sucks compared to QuickOffice. They are going to piss off a lot of users if they don't add all of the missing functionality to Sheets and Docs before pulling QuickOffice.
  • "Google had made ported many of the document suite's features". Huh? Google did had translate this sentences?
  • MS Office Mobile is free to use, not much loss here....
  • Only for viewing, right? Can't edit unless you pay the subscription fee?
  • Seems Android L doesn't like these apps... Random error message when I try to install. Posted via Android Central App
  • Android L is not production code either.
    If someone is depending on it as a daily driver... well... who's really at fault here? Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.
  • I don't disagree. I just find it ironic (final code or not) that Android L can't install the new defacto standard for Google's document editing apps. I imagine that part of the reason is because Google is baking those bits into Android L itself.
  • The constant changes in all Google owned office products and the way they regularly broke my documents and spreadsheets is why I gave up on them a long time ago and went back to using MS Office. It may not be free for the most part but I don't need to worry whether it's going to work or even be there in the future either. As much as I like Google in general and Android, I just don't feel like I can trust them when it comes to running my business at this point. Armadillo, the other white meat.
  • i like Office Suite Pro.
  • The Docs stand alone app sucks. It lacks too many features while Docs in Quickoffice is very good. If Google integrates and favors the interface of Quickoffice that'll be great for me.
  • Great. Just upgraded my nexus to lollypop and Quickoffice has vanished without trace along with a spreadsheet I use every single day. Presumably there is no way to get this back?
  • AS mentioned here -!topic/docs/hSoW35I6pq8
    The numeric Key pad is gone in Google Sheets.
    How can we get Google Sheets to work with numbers like Quickoffice did?