Google claims Google Wifi is considerably faster than Eero and Luma routers

Google Wifi
Google Wifi

Now that Google Wifi is on sale and shipping within the next two weeks, Google has put out a blog post showing just how well in performs against the mesh networking competition. Google provided its latest networking equipment to an independent testing company, Allion USA, to test in a controlled environment against both Eero and Luma.

Google Wifi test

And as you'd expect considering Google is promoting the results, Google Wifi came out on top. The tests were conducted in a two-story, 3000 square foot house and show that across four different locations (two on each level) Google Wifi outperformed Eero and Luma considerably.

There are too many factors that go into Wi-Fi speeds to put stock in just one test.

For measurements made closest to the main router, Google Wifi provided a base level of 567 Mbps to Eero's 520 and Luma's 467. Stepping to a room across the house, Google Wifi offered 228 Mbps to Eero's 42 and Luma's 205. Downstairs and on the other side of the house — the furthest point away — showed Google Wifi still offer 82 Mbps to Eero's 46 and Luma's 32.

Obviously there are an immense number of factors that influence Wi-Fi speeds, not the least of which being the ideal layout of the access points, the type of materials your home is made of and which devices are actively using the network. With these tests, using an obviously strong internet connection, Google Wifi came out on top. Google claims that its purpose-built hardware and strong antennas mean it will always be the best, but it's not tough to see either Eero or Luma coming out closer to Google Wifi with some tweaking and better router positioning.

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