Google cancels 'Works with Nest' program as it launches Google Nest rebrand

In early February 2018, it was announced that Nest was officially merging with Google's hardware division after operating independently following the Alphabet restructuring in 2015. Now, at this year's Google I/O, we're starting to see the real effects of that decision.

Most notably, the "Works with Nest" program that highlighted smart home gadgets which work seamlessly with Nest devices is being killed off this summer. Works with Nest allowed devices like Philips Hue light bulbs to integrate directly with Nest products, and while the functionality of Works with Nest will live on with a new "Works with Google Assistant" program, it's a big change some smart home enthusiasts likely won't be very enthusiastic about.

Why the change? Google wants to double down with its focus on privacy and security. Data sharing between smart home devices and apps will still happen through the Assistant, but Google Vice President Rishi Chandra says it'll be under tight scrutiny.

Google's smart home devices will now live under the Google Nest name.

On a similar note, Google's also launching something this summer that'll allow you to merge your existing Nest account over your Google account. Your Nest products will still work the same, you'll just have one less account to worry about and get the added security features that Google has.

All of these changes come as Google quietly unveiled its new "Google Nest" branding (opens in new tab) on the Google Store.

It further reinforces the idea that Google wants Nest to be the epicenter for all of its smart home devices, and in terms of hardware, we just saw this with the new Nest Hub Max (opens in new tab) and rebranding of the Google Home Hub to Nest Hub (opens in new tab). Furthermore, Chandra confirmed that the company's Google Home speakers will also get the rebrand treatment down the road — just not right now.

I personally liked the Google Home branding, but Google does seem awfully committed to the new Google Nest name. Plus, now Google can pretty much point people to Pixel for phones, tablets, and laptops and Nest for connected home devices.

The transition could be a bit bumpy with the new program and account migrations, but in the end, I think the changes being made here are for the better.

The Nest Hub Max misses the most important feature of its Lenovo-made predecessor

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  • I think this would be a great move if they added even half of the functionality that 3rd parties unlocked using the "works with nest" program.
    Works with nest brought us "away from home" mode, between nest and hue, is that going to now work through "works with assistant"
    and then there is all the infinite things you could do with IFTTT. Letting it plug in to nest to know when I wasn't home let me set up multiple recipes, my favorite being having my roomba start when both my wife AND I left home. or using the nest to plug into a Wemo to turn on an in window thermostat where my AC couldn't reach. if works with assistant plugs these gaps, awesome, but till them this move is a HUGE loss for me and do-it-yourselfers
  • This is a terrible decision, totally in the wrong direction. We need all these device manufacturers to work seemlessly together with open doors (assuming the user grants access to have the door open). Google closing off everyone else from controlling their devices is ridiculous and makes me want to get rid of it. It's also a reminder that if Google wants to, they can shut off the Nest server and our expensive thermostats and other nest devices become a very basic wall thermostat, if they work at all.
  • “A renewed focus on privacy”? Lol All of the changes to their privacy policy just aim at having the user AGREE to being surveyed at home. More data is collected than ever, it’s just more transparent what they collect. The problem begins when people who have not agreed to all of that walk in front of your Hello camera. Google is now also collecting facial data, does god knows what with all the video and audio they now have access to. They don’t use it for advertising - but for what else are they using it, as they clearly do SOMETHING with it.
  • I’m really unhappy by this. Good news- when sell I my house, I’m leaving the google crap behind. IFTTT offered awesome interaction and functionality. If Google closes off those interactions for what they deem better- which will be their janky stuff it will be worse. Nothing like an announcement that includes zero information.