Google Assistant is so happy about vaccines that it will sing you a song

Google Assistant Green
Google Assistant Green (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Assistant celebrates the COVID-19 vaccine with a song.
  • "The Vaccine Song" praises scientists for the record time that vaccines were developed.
  • Just ask Google Assistant to sing the song and... judge for yourself.

Google Assistant is apparently very happy about the COVID-19 vaccine, so much so that it now has a song titled "The Vaccine Song" that it will sing to you if you ask it to.

It works on smart speakers like the Nest Audio, but if you ask it to since on any of the best Android phones, you get to enjoy the experience with on-screen lyrics, complete with emojis.

The Vaccine Song celebrates the vaccine's ability to protect and help prevent severe illnesses from contracting COVID-19 while praising the record time that it took for scientists to develop the vaccines.

Source: Android Central

The song won't win any Grammy awards, but it at least rhymes. Google Assistant tends to lean a bit heavily on the autotune, but it's no Mariah Carey. What can you expect from an AI assistant that hasn't been given any formal singing lessons?

The song may not convince nay-sayers to get the vaccine, but it's a cute if not cringey way to celebrate the progress that the rollout has in getting businesses, states, and countries to start opening back up.

But don't take my word for it; go ahead and ask Google Assistant to serenade you with a happy vaccine song!

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  • Funny cause i asked google to play the song and i dont think it was the right one. Covid vaccine, F this f that. F bill gates. Lmfao
  • Ask it to *sing* it, not play it.
  • I've been vaccinated, but I don't need to hear this lol
  • Cute and cheerful. There just isn't enough cute and cheerful in the world today. I got mine.
  • I'm glad it praises scientists for the vaccine and not something useless like "God"
  • Why would you expect leftists to praise God though? They couldn't even be bothered to praise the man who fast-tracked the vaccine: President Donald J Trump. This song crap is nothing BUT cringe: "helping us get back to what we love?" Really? Ask anyone in MI, IL, CA, OR, etc. 😂
  • Have never used google assistance; therefore, no frigging song!
  • Straight outta Orwell.
  • Goebbels would be proud.......jeez, you sheep keep on keepin on, the entertainment value alone is worth watching this play out.
  • So it begins..... 1984