You can now tell Google Assistant to shut up on Nest devices in a snap

Nest Hub 2nd Gen Review
Nest Hub 2nd Gen Review (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google Assistant has picked up a new feature that lets you make it stop speaking immediately without using a hotword.
  • The "stop" quick command is available only on Assistant-enabled smart displays and speakers for the time being.
  • You will still have to say "Hey Google" first for most other commands.

The Google Pixel 6 series introduced quick phrases that allow you to give rapid commands to Google Assistant without having to say any hotword first. This means you could answer or decline a call using appropriate commands without saying "Hey Google" all the time.

Google announced on Tuesday that it is expanding that feature to Assistant-powered smart displays and speakers. You can now make the digital assistant shut up mid-sentence by simply saying "stop."

The feature comes in handy when you just want to hear straightforward answers for simple questions about the current weather, for example. In most cases, Assistant will begin talking a little too much, even going so far as to append its answer with information that you may not need to hear.

Prior to this change, you had to say "Hey Google" or "OK Google" first to get Assistant to stop blabbering immediately. Having said that, you'll still need to say those hot phrases before you can give Assistant the rest of your commands other than "stop."

The instant command is currently rolling out on Google's best smart displays and speakers, meaning you'll have to endure drawn-out answers on other Assistant devices for now. If you haven't yet seen the feature, make sure your smart speaker or Google Home app is up to date.

Nest Hub Second Gen

Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Google's second-generation Nest Hub smart display, with its 7-inch display and far-field mics that allow Google Assistant to hear you from across the room, makes controlling your smart home products simple. Furthermore, when jamming out to your favorite tunes, its upgraded speaker will provide 50% more bass.

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