Although it's now easier than ever to order movie tickets, having to download an app, search for a showtime, and enter your credit card info can still prove to be a royal pain. To help make buying tickets to the movies as easy as can be, Google's partnering with Fandango so you can do so by just talking to the Assistant.

Beginning today, you can now purchase tickets through Google Assistant by either using your voice or typing to it.

After finding something you'd like, you can tell the Assistant to buy tickets for your desired movie and time. You'll then be asked how many adult and/or kid tickets you want to buy, and if it's your first time making a purchase, you'll be asked to accept Fandango's terms of service.

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Once accepted, the Assistant will read out your total and you'll complete the purchase using Google Pay. You can also ask speakers like Google Home to buy tickets, and once you've selected a showtime, it'll send a prompt to your phone so you can complete the order. As for the Assistant app on iOS, it won't be available there until later in the year.

The whole process is pretty sleek, and it's launching just in time for pre-sales of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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