Back in November, Google put out a call to indie game developers from 15 different European countries to submit their best game of 2016 for consideration in the Google Play Indie Games Contest.

After receiving nearly 1,000 entries, the field has been narrowed down to just 20 finalists. Most of these games are available to play from the Google Play Store, though a couple have yet to be released. Among the list are a couple of our favorite games from the past year, including Reigns and PinOut.

Here's the full list of finalist, with Google Play Store links where applicable:

Each finalist will receive billboard promotion of their game in London for a month, tickets to attend an exclusive event for the top apps and games developers on Google Play, and a Pixel XL smartphone. Developers will also have the opportunity to showcase their creations to the public before the field is narrowed down to the top 10 before the winners are determined by a panel of industry experts.

If you happen to live in the London area and want a say in narrowing the finalists down to the top 10, the public is invited to attend the final event on Thursday, February 16 at the Saatchi Gallery. If you and your friends are interested in this, you'll want to pre-register in advance so that you don't get turned away at the door.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got some games to play!

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