Google releases 24 new Chrome themes to mark Black History Month

Chromebox Chrome Logo
Chromebox Chrome Logo (Image credit: Jerry Hildenbrand / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google launched new Chrome themes as part of an effort with Black creators to celebrate Black History Month.
  • The company reached out to six Black creators on social media platforms to get the ball rolling.
  • 24 new themes are available as a result of this collaboration.

Google Chrome is quite a customizable browser, with Google offering a mixture of its own themes and allowing third parties to upload their own. In a move that's a combination of both approaches, Google this month tapped Black creators to help build new themes for the browser. The designers worked with the Chrome team to help build designs that would work with the overall Chrome aesthetic and avoid the pitfalls you'll find on some third-party themes

Writing on the Google Blog, RK Popkin, Group Product Manager, Google Chrome, said;

We commissioned six contemporary artists and invited them to turn Chrome into their canvas. Working in different mediums and bringing different points of view, each artist has presented their interpretation of the ways people use Chrome: finding new knowledge, connecting with each other, exploring our world and taking action towards our goals.

Trying out the new themes, they are quite modern, with flat colors and striking designs. They draw inspiration from a number of themes and cultures, with some being based in urban American themes, while others are inspired by African culture. The collaboration has borne out 24 themes in total, and you can try them out over at the Chrome store.

Aside from Chrome themes, Google's other Black History Month moves include support for Black-owned businesses, new filters in Maps and Shopping to help users surface Black-owned businesses, and digital support for Black women in tech. The company also launched new wallpapers for Pixels.

Michael Allison