Google Chat gets calendar integration and pinned conversations support

Google Hangouts Chat
Google Hangouts Chat (Image credit: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google announced two new features coming to Chat today.
  • The company's now built-in calendar integration for quick event creation while in a conversation.
  • You are also now able to pin important conversations if you choose, keeping them at the top of your list.

Google has just rolled out a set of new updates to its Chat app this week. Google Chat (not to be confused with the other Google Chat) will now be able to schedule meetings with Google Calendar, right from the messaging app itself. As the service is aimed at a business audience, the ability to quickly set up meetings without needing to open an alternative app would be valued. Microsoft Teams offers similar functionality, and Slack does as well via way of add-ons, this is Google catching up to its competitors.

Google is also now rolling out conversation pinning for Chat. Once a conversation (or a Chat room) is pinned, it'll always appear at the top of your conversations list. It's a small quality of life change that'll make it easy to keep your most important message threads within view.

Both of these features are rolling out from today to Google Workspace subscribers, though it may take up to 15 days for them to reach everyone.

Google has positioned Chat and other Workspace apps as a counterpart to more well-established team communication apps like Slack and Teams. While it hasn't appeared to have taken off yet, its high profile in Gmail apps across mobile and the web as well as an upcoming free service may serve to help drive adoption in the future. The more features Google adds in the meantime, the more the app becomes attractive for potential adopters who remain on the fence.

Michael Allison