Give those awaiting your arrival a better look at your flight progress

Location sharing service Glympse is partnering with in-flight Wifi provider Gogo to let you share your location even while in the air. With this new development, you'll be able to share your flight status and location with friends and family seamlessly, giving them up-to-date flight information. The updated Android app with the in-flight location functionality will hit Google Play this Friday, and once you've installed or updated the app you'll be ready to go on your next flight.

Simply pull out your phone and connect to the in-flight Gogo Wifi, open the Glympse app and send out your location to anyone via their phone number (U.S. or Canada only) or email address. As has always been the case, the person who receives your Glympse won't need to have the app installed, but can still follow your journey.

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Once they start tracking your movement, they'll see flight status, speed and continually updated arrival times as they are available. Your phone doesn't have to stay on in order to keep the track going either, everything is handled by the plane's systems.

Gogo Partners with Glympse Inc. to Allow Airline

Passengers to Share their Location in the Sky

ITASCA, IL and SEATTLE – Nov. 6, 2013 – Gogo (NASDAQ: GOGO), the world leader of in-flight connectivity and a pioneer in wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions and Glympse Inc., the pioneer of temporary location sharing, have partnered to offer passengers on any Gogo-equipped aircraft the opportunity to share their location with their friends as they travel across the country.

With this partnership, passengers on all Gogo-enabled flights are now able to send a Glympse of their location to others while en route to their destination. Passengers can access the Glympse Inflight feature from within the Glympse smartphone app or via Web browser on their laptop or tablet device at 

Air travelers who have downloaded the free Glympse application on their smartphones, simply need to launch the application and select any email or any U.S. or Canada phone number as a recipient. The person receiving the Glympse message from the Gogo-enabled flight can view the plane’s current movement and status, including speed and a continually updated arrival time. After the Glympse is sent, users can power down their phones or laptops, and Glympse will continue to update their location throughout the duration of the flight.

“Glympse is an example of another partner that’s leveraging Gogo’s in-flight platform to create engaging experiences for passengers flying on Gogo equipped aircraft,” said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo’s chief commercial officer. “We continue to empower cutting edge digital companies to develop applications that can be incorporated into the platform that will help inform, engage and entertain passengers at 30,000 feet.”

Glympse Inflight is ideal for allowing loved ones or colleagues to see accurate arrival time for better coordination of ground transportation or for simply giving others peace of mind.

“Enabling location sharing to air travelers has always been one of our goals, and we are thrilled to partner with Gogo to make this a reality,” said Timo Bauer, vice president of business development for Glympse. “We’re working to put location technology wherever people may need it– on a phone, in a car, on your watch, and now on a plane – and this is a significant step towards making the Glympse ecosystem of dynamic location sharing ubiquitous for all.”

Companies that use the Glympse platform will also be able to share location information on Gogo-enabled flights directly from their applications, including text messaging and location widgets on a website.

Travelers can access Glympse within Gogo using the latest version of the Glympse for Android app on Friday, with iOS available next week. For more information on how to download the Glympse application for iOS and Android, visit

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Gogo is the global leader of in-flight connectivity and wireless in-flight digital entertainment solutions. Using Gogo’s exclusive products and services, passengers with Wi-Fi enabled devices can get online on more than 2,000 Gogo equipped commercial aircraft. In-flight connectivity partners include American Airlines, Air Canada, AirTran Airways, Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin America. In-flight entertainment partners include American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Scoot and US Airways. In addition to its commercial airline business, Gogo has more than 6,500 business aircraft outfitted with its communications services.
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About Glympse

Glympse™ is the pioneer of person-to-person location sharing in real-time, for a set amount of time. With an intuitive design and enhanced features, such as Glympse Groups, the company easily integrates location sharing into everyday activities, meetings and events. Glympse has partnered with several top-tier companies, including Samsung, Mercedes, BMW, Garmin, Ford, and Verizon who have integrated the Glympse brand and enterprise platform into their products and applications. The company is backed by Menlo Ventures and Ignition Partners.