GM reportedly plans to compete against Android Auto with Android infotainment system

In addition to being a partner to Google's Android Auto, General Motors is planning on launching a full-fledged Android infotainment system sometime in 2016. The automaker has partnered with Harman International as part of a $900 million deal that would bring some skinned version of Google's Android operating system to the dash of vehicles in General Motors' fleet.

The advantage of using a full version of Android in the dash is that it would give GM a modern dash experience that could be upgraded easily. Additionally, such a system won't rely on a smartphone for key functions, like mapping or music playback, unlike Android Auto and CarPlay. Harman CEO Dinesh Paliwal said of the deal:

As you would expect, this next-generation infotainment solution will enable an app store, which allows this infotainment system to stay technologically relevant over the life cycle of the vehicle. Apps will be developed by General Motors, Harman and a bunch of other third parties, not just Google and Apple.

In addition to its Android solution, GM currently uses a number of different OSes across its brands and product lines, including BlackBerry QNX and Microsoft. GM is also a partner for both Google's Android Auto and rival Apple's CarPlay.

One of the requirements for such a system would be that the dash boots up as soon as the car starts. In addition to GM, other automakers could adopt the Harman system one life cycle behind.

What do you think of GM's reported endeavors on bringing full Android to the dash?

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Source: Automotive News