Giphy Text arrives to add a little spice to your personal messages

Giphy (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Giphy today announced a new feature known as "Giphy Text".
  • It's a cool little update to Giphy that animates text of yoiur choice, essentially creating custom gifs.
  • It's coming first to Giphy's Chrome and Gmail extensions, and later to apps that use Giphy integration.

Giphy is about to get a lot better at spicing up your conversations with spontaneity. Yes, it still has the ability to pull in your favorite gifs but a new feature, dubbed Giphy Text, is coming to users of the Giphy Chrome extension, as well as its Gmail one.

Giphy Text

Source: Giphy (Image credit: Source: Giphy)

Giphy Text allows you to generate animated fonts on the fly from messages you yourself input into the search bar. It's a bit dramatic and extra in effect, but the generated messages are also a bit more unique and tailored to your individual situations than what you'd normally get.

Explaining the feature, the Giphy team said:

We also designed a core set of text styles that would instantly add more than just trendy looks, but also emotional context to any phrase you like. You might want to send a flirty "hello" or perhaps a friendly "thanks" with a playful bounce. This is all possible using GIPHY Text Styles. Some styles may even look familiar as they borrow from text GIFs of the internet's past. Some reference beloved movie and TV titles to help us all inject a little bit of personality into our presentations, web documents, emails, and chats.

You can try out the new Giphy Text feature via the Chrome and Gmail extensions. If you use an app that works with Giphy, like Instagram, you'll soon get this as well.

Giphy was recently purchased by Facebook, but the acquisition has been held up by regulators. Should it go through, we expect to see more features come to Facebook's core communication apps where they are a perfect fit.

Michael Allison