Gingerbread for unlocked UK Desire HD and Incredible S coming May 16, says HTC

Owners of unlocked HTC Desire HD's and Incredible S's in the UK can look forward to an official Gingerbread update next Monday, May 16, according to a Facebook post by HTC UK. The news follows some confusion over the timing of over-the-air updates to Android 2.3 for both devices -- HTC posted a update on its support site a couple of weeks ago stating the update was already live, but owners of unlocked British handsets have yet to receive it over-the-air.

Hopefully the wait should be over next Monday, though. Bare in mind, as usual, that the update will take a little longer to roll out to carrier-branded handsets.

Source: HTC UK on Facebook

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • and the HTC Desire Bravo...........long date given lol
  • The date was given ages ago - Q2. Whether that was a lie or sheer incompetence is not yet known. I'm on Orange anyway, so I'm looking forward to receiving it just after Easter next year, when they've finished putting all their absolute shite all over it.
  • I think HTC and carriers will have to stick to Q2 as the promise originally was to everyone, I believe this time Vodafone got it out first as, according to htc facebook page, they were happy to roll out the update in all the EU at the same time, different from orange who would beed different customisation and testing for different countries, so it looked attractive to htc as vodafone eu customers can be the 'guinea pigs' just in case something goes wrong before rolling the update to the mass, and actually they were right as there were reports of Wifi issues at least in the UK, so now they fixed it and will roll the update to the rest of unlocked devices. So may be the other carriers should do the same as vodafone but they might not want to as you would imagine the number of calls handled by vodafone cs when the wifi ddnt work properly.
  • That'll be nice for my mate with a DHD. Any word on Desire Z and the original Bravo? That's what me and my girlfriend are on. :)
  • True to their word my incredible S did a OTA update today. all went well, cant say there is much of a difference but Facebook app now displays thumbnails correctly.