Gingerbread feature: Download manager

Another updated feature that comes to us with Gingerbread is the download manager.  Just like a download manager on your computer, or the one built into your computer's web browser, it's designed to help you keep track of things you come across on the web that are worth downloading and saving.  For many of us, downloaded files -- whether they be installable apps, pictures (like our pal Lloyd), or other documents -- can build up, and having one centralized place to view them all, sorted by history or size, is quite the valuable tool.  You can see a short video after the break that shows the download manager in action.

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • How is this a new feature? It's exactly the same as the download manager in Froyo... Only difference I see is a direct link to it in the app drawer...
  • Yep, already in Froyo on the N1. Go to menu > more > downloads.
  • Not new already on froyo
  • It's kind of new, except you need to be in the browser to see the download manager (browser:menu>more>download), now you can go straight to it instead of launching the browser first. You can also do batch processing of multiple files; delete or clear So question what's the difference between clear and delete if you select one item or more if deleting doesn't actually delete.
  • I don’t think the intention of this article is necessarily to list a *new* feature of Gingerbread, but more along the lines of an expanded and/or improved feature.
  • I may still be newish to android, but I'm starting to think the iterations of software are hyped a bit more than they should be
  • Download Manager for Android