Angry Birds

The decision to initially publish the full version of Angry Birds this morning on instead of the Android Market raised a few eyebrows, and it showed what can happen when an immensely popular Android app doesn't have the might of Google's servers behind it. GetJar went down almost immediately, leaving us all scrambling for mirrors and apks.

Just how bad was the traffic crush? GetJar says traffic was eight to 10 times higher than a normal daily load, and it could see 10 million hits by the end of the day -- far more than its usual 3 million. Chris Dury writes on the GetJar Developer Blog:

"In the past few months, we’ve built the team up to nearly 60 people and we’ve been focused on scalability on many fronts. We were unfortunately not done yet, and couldn’t handle 8x to 10x higher peak load. GetJar normally does 3 million downloads a day and we may have hit more than 10 million today if all went well. In 2 weeks, we’ll complete many of the scalability projects, and we’ll be able to manage 10+ million downloads a day."

The popularity of Angry Birds was only bolstered by today's down time, to be sure. You can look at the decision to (attempt to) publish exclusively with GetJar as a damning of the Android Market. But you can't deny there likely was a mad dash to Angry Birds up in the Market just as soon as things went sour. [GetJar Developer Blog]