Halloween Watch Face

October is here which means there are suddenly witches, warlocks, trolls and other monster all over the place since Halloween is almost here! If you're a fan of getting into this spooky season, then you should definitely check out the Halloween Watch Face for Android Wear. This simple analog face is just the thing if you wanted to feel spooky when checking the time.

We've got all the details for you here.

Halloween Watch Face default

The Halloween Watch Face is a simple and fantastic analog face. The background is dominated by a Jack-O-Lantern in the middle of the screen. The numerals and hands of the clock appear over the pumpkin to clearly tell the time. At the top of the screen bats fly over, and skeletal trees reach against the color of the pumpkin.

There really aren't many options for this face. The options you do have are limited to adjusting the date and time, as well as the color effect on the Jack-o'-Lantern telling the time. The date and time setting correlate directly to the date and time settings in your phone. Additionally because this is an analog watch face it only displays in 12 hour mode.

Halloween Watch Face options

The color effect options are pretty cool though. Once again there isn't much by way of customization here. Rather, when you open up the color options on your phone you'll be given four choices. There is the Normal orange color scheme, the Dark scheme in purples, Bright which displays as a virulent pink, and Black and White which is a haunting monochrome color choice. All four are pretty awesome and worth checking out before you decide on which to display.

The Halloween Watch Face is available now for free on The Google Play Store. It's a great way to get into the holiday without going so far as dressing like a witch everyday. With four awesome color schemes to choose from, and a great visual when you're reading the time, we definitely recommend this spooky watch face for sure.