Everybody wants to be the DJ these days, whether we're talking about having control over the music at the next house party or actually working towards making a name for yourself as a working DJ. But the cost of entry into the DJ world is expensive.

Fortunately you can do more with just a laptop and even just your phone these days with all the music going digital and software available to help transition between songs with similar BPM and key matching technology, along with syncing your music to video. But even that software alone can run upwards of $1000 sometimes.

If you're looking to have some fun mixing music for your friends, Android Central can help. For just $49, you can get the Mixvibes DJ Software Bundle which offers three programs that will help you put on an amazing DJ performance whether you're on an iOS, Android, macOS or Windows device.

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The main program you get in this bundle is called Cross DJ will offers all the essential features you'd want from a professional DJ software and is available for your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You get BPM and Key detection so you can see which songs best blend together for seamless transitions with color-coded wavelengths so you can edit tracks down as necessary. With the desktop version, you can incorporate video files into your mixes or sync video to your audio with the built-in video sampler.

You also get two programs called Remixvideo and Remixlive which are exclusively for PC and Mac and let you step up your live performances by adding visuals to your performances using video loops to match music and visuals and letting you create patterns and remix on the go with a virtual drumpad.

All these programs are designed to work with the most popular controller hardware and are typically sold for close to $200 as a bundle, but you'll save 75% and get them all for just $49. That's a great price if you're only just interested in creating your own party mixes but don't know where to start. Don't spend hundreds or thousands on expensive software and equipment when you might end up getting bored of it in a few months time. Get this deal, see if DJing right for you, and go from there!

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