Get half-off one season of any TV season or movie with this sweet Google Play offer

Tons of exciting new shows are hitting the airwaves this season, as are new seasons of shows we already know and love! Whether you want to catch up on The Flash before Tuesday's Music Meister episode, cook up some nostalgia on Good Eats or you just want to grab the complete Batman The Animated Series, Google Play is giving some users a splendid deal on Google Play TV right now, and other users half-off on a movie.

Where was this during Stella last week?!

half off is all awesome

Google Play is currently offering half-off on any single season of any TV show, HD or SD. It's a one-time discount that uses the Redeem code N7RLS2XPXQWLE0PLCNMEKR, so choose carefully. If you want to increase your bang for your buck, it's worth mentioning that this promo works on multi-season packs, like the complete Batman TAS we mentioned above, or on Seasons 1-5 of Game of Thrones, if you need to really catch up and missed that free SD copy of Season 5 from yesterday.

Update: It seems these deals are available to all users but rather to some based on several factors including purchase history. If you don't see the half-off TV season or half-off movie banner in the Google Play Store, it seems you have unfortunately missed out this round.

We can also get a movie half-off as well, if you need to stock up on Oscar-winners or maybe Beauty and the Beast before you go watch the new one.

This offer is good from now until April 15th, so if your show hasn't started yet, you can just hang on to this code for the next month.

Ara Wagoner

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