One of the annoying things about the current breed of Clash of Clans-style city builders, it's that you have little say in how raids and attacks unfold beyond deploying your units. That's getting addressed in Gamevil's upcoming Mark of the Dragon, which we played around with at GDC 2014. The usual freemium tropes are present, like gathering resources from your village, upgrading structures, researching, and training troops.

When taking the battle to the enemy, you can deploy troops as usual, except this time you get a dragon that you can manually control to destroy certain defenses when the typically dumb AI would have just gnawed on some superficial building and get taken down by well-placed turrets. This mechanic alone is enough to to up-end any traditional strategies you might have developed for these kinds of titles.

Besides that, you've got solid 3D graphics in a genre that leans primarily on 2D. The terrain style of your village changes depending on the kind of dragon you're working with, which adds some much-needed variety to your raiding locations. Casual gamers will be able to pick up Mark of the Dragon on Android and iOS this summer.