YouTube plans to create a native app for Apple Vision Pro after all

Working with the Apple Vision Pro
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What you need to know

  • YouTube initially resisted developing an Apple Vision Pro app but has now announced plans to create one.
  • YouTube spokesperson Jessica Gibby confirmed the development of a native Vision Pro app and mentioned it's on the company's roadmap, although no release date was disclosed.
  • This decision followed the release of an unofficial YouTube app named Juno by developer Christian Selig for Apple's VR headset.

YouTube was one of the companies that refrained from releasing Apple Vision Pro apps, but the platform has changed its tune and said a Vision Pro app is in the works.

YouTube spokesperson Jessica Gibby told The Verge's chief editor, Nilay Patel, via email that the company has decided to launch its own native app for Vision Pro. According to Gibby, a Vision Pro app is in the works and is "on our roadmap," but she didn't reveal when it will be released.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify grabbed attention for saying no to dedicated apps for Apple Vision Pro, even though the device kicked off with over 600 native apps. Meanwhile, YouTube has been running a Meta Quest app with a cool 3D/VR layout for a while.

This change of heart happened after developer Christian Selig rolled out an unofficial YouTube app named Juno for Apple's $3,500 headset, Patel notes.

Juno has a few quirks at the moment, though. You can check out recommendations, playlists, and subscriptions, but comments and captions are a no-show for now, though they might come in the future.

While Vision Pro users are hanging tight for that YouTube app, the website's got loads of VR and 360-degree content to explore. However, not all of it might be supported on the Vision Pro.

Patel points out that even if YouTube drops a native app for Vision Pro, bringing over its current 3D and 360 content might be a bit tricky.

According to Apple spokesperson Jackie Roy, speaking to Patel, a bunch of that content was made for devices that don't give a top-notch spatial experience and could even lead to motion discomfort. Roy says the Cupertino-based tech giant is all about delivering the best spatial media experience, focusing on stuff like spatial photos and videos, Apple Immersive Video, and 3D movies on Apple TV.

While waiting for the app to arrive, YouTube is being optimized for Safari as a temporary solution.

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