Meta is bringing back the Oculus name along with 150 new games

A montage of games funded by Oculus Publishing
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What you need to know

  • Oculus Publishing is now the official name of Meta's VR games publishing arm.
  • Over 500 games are now available for Quest, and Meta has contributed to funding over 300 VR titles since 2013.
  • An additional 150 titles are currently in active development, and over $1.5 billion has been spent on the Quest store to date.

After a full decade of existence, Meta's VR gaming publishing arm of the company is finally getting an official name: Oculus Publishing. Meta revealed the name at the Game Developers Conference 2023 (GDC) and included some impressive stats about the state of VR gaming, particularly on the Quest platform.

Meta revealed that over 150 titles are in active development including the upcoming Hello Neighbor VR and other highly anticipated upcoming Quest games. To note, Oculus Publishing is separate from Oculus Studios. Oculus Studios is Meta's first-party development division in charge of creating games and other apps from brands Meta owns like Population: One, Lone Echo, Iron Man VR, Resident Evil 4 VR, and more.

Meta previously confirmed that the Quest 3 will launch with over 41 new apps and games, continuing to show the company's willingness to grow the Quest ecosystem as the premiere console VR solution.

To date, Meta has contributed funding to over 300 VR titles via its Oculus Publishing arm including some of the best Quest games like Among Us VR, Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners, Blade & Sorcery: Nomad, and many others.

Lastly, we're seeing more success numbers from Meta as it relates to VR gaming and sales across the Quest platform. Over 500 games are now available for Quest 2 via the Quest Store and the company cites that more than $1.5 billion has been spent on VR apps and games on Quest. More than 40 titles have pulled in over $10 million in revenue and Meta says the number of titles that have surpassed $20 million in revenue has doubled year over year.

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