All the new Quest and PSVR 2 games announced at the Future Games Show

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What you need to know

  • The Future Games Show aired on Saturday, June 10 and featured games for all platforms including console, PC, mobile, and VR.
  • Five VR games made an appearance at the show, including a teaser for the surprise VR debut of a famous duo.
  • We're expecting all these games to launch in 2023.

The Future Games Show 2023 has concluded and we got a brand-new look at a handful of upcoming Meta Quest and PSVR 2 games! While most of the Quest games already made their debut at the Meta Games Showcase last week, we got one new Quest title and four PSVR 2 titles from today's Future Games Show.

We saw the return of some highly anticipated titles like Firewall Ultra and C-SMASH VRS, as well as new footage of newly announced titles like MADiSON VR and VR Skater. Plus, one unexpected tease that no one saw coming: Wallace and Gromit in VR!

And be sure to watch the entirety of the Future Games Show right here on YouTube to see all two hours of everything that was announced!

Firewall Ultra

We saw some new footage of Firewall Ultra, the sequel to one of the absolute best PSVR games and a very welcome addition to the best PSVR 2 games library. Firewall Ultra builds upon the first squad-based shooter for the original PSVR by amping up everything you expected in the original and creating what the team at First Contact Entertainment calls "a truly next-generation VR experience."

Firewall Ultra was the first game that really showcased what the PSVR 2's eye tracking capabilities could do, including easy weapon selection by just looking at the weapon selection wheel, aiming assist based on where you're looking, and more.

The new trailer showed off some of the game's fantastic visuals including some truly gorgeous lighting effects. There's still no hard release date for this one other than "later this year" but you can enjoy the new trailer above.

Release date: 2023 (wishlist now on PSVR 2)

VR Skater

VR Skater made a name for itself in the VR community during the pandemic when social media was rife with footage of players virtually grinding and kick-flipping in the comfort of their own homes. VR Skater isn't some VR adaptation of an existing skateboarding game. This one is built top-down for VR and includes some of the most comfortable high-intensity mechanics you'll find in any VR game.

Players will find themselves moving forward on the skateboard, kick-flipping, grinding, and doing all sorts of other Tony Hawk-level tricks as they make their way through the game's extensive, arcade-game-like levels. This one is controlled entirely with your hands so you won't have to physically run or jump to have fun. That also means it's super accessible for anyone who doesn't want — or isn't able — to stand up.

Plus, you can fully customize your board to your liking. Rack up high scores, compete with friends, and skate on rooftops or in the subway. Just don't get hit by the train!

Release date: Summer 2023 (wishlist now on PSVR 2)


C-SMASH VRS is the surprise sequel to the classic Sega Dreamcast and arcade squash game. C-SMASH VRS is a bit like if you mixed Tennis, Pong, and the classic Atari Breakout game together into one, then brought them into VR.

C-SMASH VRS expands beyond the arcade classic not just by bringing the action into VR — where you can really swing that racket and send the ball flying into point blocks and goals — but also by giving players the option of playing against other human players in real-time.

The demo for C-SMASH VRS has been available on the PSVR 2 for a while and you can still check it out but, in the meantime, feast your eyes on what is likely the final trailer for the game and all its features before its late-June launch.

Release date: June 23 (try the free demo then preorder now on PSVR 2)


What goes better together than horror and VR? Maybe chocolate and peanut butter or cheese and wine but, other than those two, it's pretty clear that VR's immersive nature makes horror games beyond horrifying by nature.

So, then, what would be better than bringing what's been called "the scariest game of all time" to the PSVR 2? Nothing, of course, and that's why MADiSON VR was created. In MADiSON, you use an instant camera to connect the human world with the beyond, because everyone knows a Polaroid picture is the only thing that can properly capture spirits and demons.

You'll use those pictures to solve puzzles while exploring the terrifying psychological horrorscape of MADiSON, all while trying to survive. Good luck!

Release date: 2023 (wishlist now on PSVR 2)

Wallace and Gromit: The Grand Getaway

It's been quite some time since we've had a Wallace and Gromit game, but the dynamic duo are back for another crazy, hilarious adventure, this time in VR! This one's coming to the Meta Quest platform later this year and clearly takes place somewhere in outer space.

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