Watch out for this behind-the-scenes Quest 3 bug slowing down your games

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What you need to know

  • A new bug in Meta Quest firmware v60 is causing seemingly random slowdown in games. Meta is aware and investigating.
  • The performance issue is caused by app updates happening in the background, eating up valuable CPU time on the mobile headset.
  • Meta Quest headsets are supposed to only automatically install app updates when the headset is not in use.

The most recent Meta Quest headset update appears to be causing some unexpected problems for Quest gamers. If you've noticed games randomly slowing down to a crawl for a bit, you're not alone. Thankfully, Meta is "aware of the issue and is currently investigating" a fix.

The Meta Quest V60 update seems to be erroneously triggering the headset's ability to automatically update apps in the background. I've run into the issue on my own Quest 3 headset several times over the past week, and the team at Meta informed me today that it appears to be an operating system bug.

Meta added the auto-update feature back in July with firmware V56, allowing your headset to automatically update games and apps when it's plugged in and charging.

Many of the best Meta Quest 3 accessories, like the Bobo M3 Pro head strap, feature the ability to charge your headset while playing, keeping the battery charged for many hours past the Quest 3's normal two-hour battery life. Our hunch is that this bug is being triggered when players are using accessories like this, as the headset is technically plugged in and charging.

We wrote Meta and were told the team is currently looking for a fix, but we weren't provided with more details. Until then, if you run into any awful slowdown while playing, it might be best to put the headset down for a minute or two while it finishes updating apps in the background.

This week marks the biggest Quest release so far, making it extra important for the Quest team to find and squash that bug. If you're not already aware, Asgard's Wrath 2 lands on Quest this Friday, a 130+ hour-long action RPG that promises to be the best VR game ever made.

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Meta Quest 3: $499 at Best Buy

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