The Meta Quest 2 got its first major price drop in time for New Years

Playing games on a Meta Quest 2
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What you need to know

  • The Meta Quest 2 received its first official major price drop for New Years 2024.
  • The 128GB model now retails for $249.99, while the 256GB model retails for $299.99.
  • Meta is rumored to be dropping the price to make shelf space for Meta Quest 3 Lite.

Meta is looking to continue dominating the VR market with a fresh new price drop for its Quest 2 headset just in time for New Year's 2024. The 128GB Meta Quest 2 now retails for $249.99, while the 256GB storage model sells for just $299.99.

Throughout its lifetime over the past three years, the Meta Quest 2's price has fluctuated quite a bit. The 64GB model originally launched at $299, later to be replaced with the 128GB model at the same price. Meta then increased the price to $399 in 2022 after it removed the requirement to have a Facebook account in order to use a Quest 2, then dropped the headset back down to $299 last Summer.

Now, the new permanent price of $249 makes it half the price of a Meta Quest 3, which is at $499 for the 128GB model. Choosing between the Meta Quest 2 128GB and 256GB models is even easier now, as the 256GB model is the same price as the old 64GB model.

Choosing the larger storage option is more important than ever these days, with games like Asgard's Wrath 2 taking up over 30GB of space, and Assassin's Creed Nexus VR taking up nearly 18GB. Plus, Meta says it will continue to support the Quest 2 for three years after it eventually discontinues the headset, so there's plenty of life and support left in it.

As Meta moves into 2024, the company is reportedly preparing to launch the Meta Quest 3 Lite, which is thought to be a more affordable alternative to the Quest 3. The Meta Quest 2 outsold the Quest 3 this Holiday season because of the historically low price of the headset, so it makes sense for Meta to continue offering a lower-priced headset even after it eventually discontinues the Quest 2.

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