Halo VR multiplayer unofficially comes to the Oculus Quest 2

Master Chief from Halo wearing a Meta Quest 2 headset
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What you need to know

  • Halo maps and weapons can be enjoyed in VR on the Meta Quest 2 in the game Contractors.
  • These "mods" are official in-game modes and don't require headset modding or third-party downloads.
  • Contractors is a multiplayer shooting game on the Meta Quest 2 that retails for $19.99 and allows players to play on hundreds of maps and dozens of game modes.

Ever wanted to play Halo in VR? Many fans have been pining for it but, thanks to Microsoft's general disinterest in VR, it seemed like such a reality would never happen. While there are some VR mods that let players play through official Halo games, this latest Halo VR attempt doesn't require any third-party modding or even a PC.

That's because this Halo VR "mod" is just a new mode for the popular military shooter Contractors on the Oculus Quest 2. All you'll need is a Quest 2 headset and the game Contractors in order to play. Jump online, search for a game that's using the Halo mode, and jump in as a Spartan. Everything is downloaded and applied automatically when you join one of these servers.

Jumping into a Halo server on Contractors won't just put you in a popular Halo map or environment, it will also replace the weapons and sounds that you might be used to in Contractors. Since Contractors is usually a one-side-versus-the-other-side type of shooter, you'll select from Covenant and UNSC loadouts before you start a round. Weapons include all the classics, from classic Assault Rifles to the Needler, and even the Covenant Energy Sword. There's even a shield mechanic that feels and sounds authentic!

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Contractors sells for just $20 and is one of the best Quest 2 games you can buy. It was even our first Quest 2 game of the week when we launched the weekly feature back in the Spring for this very reason. Aside from having phenomenal gameplay and visual design, Contractors makes it easy to play on over 200 maps and in dozens of modes without needing to hook your headset up to a PC or download things separately.


Play Contractors on your Meta Quest 2 headset and enjoy the best Call of Duty-style multiplayer VR has to offer. Hundreds of maps, dozens of modes, and plenty of player-created content is just a click away and easy to play.

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