Cozy city simulator Little Cities delayed for Quest 2 until May

Little Cities
(Image credit: nDreams)

What you need to know

  • Little Cities is a virtual reality city-building simulator coming to Quest and Quest 2.
  • It was originally scheduled to release on April 21, but has now been delayed to May 12.
  • Publisher nDreams said the delay was a scheduling decision and the developer is working on post-launch updates.

Little Cities publisher nDreams announced today that the city management VR title is being delayed for three weeks until May 12, and said the reason behind the delay was "purely a scheduling decision."

The game was initially coming to Quest and Quest 2 headsets later this week on Thursday, April 21. Little Cities allows players to build their own island city by constructing roads and buildings, then become its mayor by managing power, emergency services, and protecting the city's inhabitants from natural disasters depending on the island's theme.

"Together with Meta, we have decided to move the release of our upcoming VR game, Little Cities, to May 12," publisher nDreams announced on Twitter. "We feel that launching in this quieter week will give Little Cities the best chance to make the biggest impact. These decisions are never easy, and we apologise to everyone who is eagerly awaiting our game."

The publisher said that the game is "100% complete" and the delay had nothing to do with development. It also noted that Little Cities developer Purple Yonder is currently working on free post-launch updates for the game with more information on that coming soon.

The game's delay from this week to a quieter week makes sense considering the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase will be tomorrow, April 20. The event is expected to show off upcoming Quest 2 games like Among Us VR, similar city-building game Cities: VR that is releasing a week later on April 28, and potentially more information or a release date for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR

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