Resident Evil Village cloud demo through Google's Immersive Stream for Games now available

Resident Evil Village Vampires
(Image credit: Capcom)

What you need to know

  • A free demo of Resident Evil Village can be streamed to desktops, tablets, and smartphones from Capcom's website starting today.
  • No account is required and supports mouse and keyboard, game controllers, and a touch overlay for mobile.
  • The demo is supported by Google's Immersive Stream for Games technology, which also powers Stadia and games offered through AT&T.

Capcom is offering a free gameplay demo of Resident Evil Village from its own website that can be streamed through a web browser and is powered by Google's Immersive Stream for Games technology, Google revealed today.

Anyone can try out the 2021 survival horror game by going to Capcom's official website, entering their date of birth, and selecting "One-click Play." The demo supports keyboard and mouse, game controllers, and has a touch screen button overlay if playing on a compatible tablet or smartphone.

The demo is being powered by Immersive Stream for Games, Google's technology that is the underlying base for Stadia as well. It is also the same infrastructure used to stream games for AT&T Wireless customers, such as Batman: Arkham Knight last year and Control Ultimate Edition last month.

No Stadia account or any account at all is required to play the Resident Evil Village cloud demo, and can be replayed with no in-game time limits. 

"For Capcom, Immersive Stream helps them experiment with cloud gaming to deliver a AAA gaming experience directly to new and current players using devices they already own," said Immersive Stream for Games product manager Karan Arora in the announcement post. "For example, after trying the new cloud demo on Capcom’s official website, players can find available platforms to purchase the full game and continue playing, or uncover recent news and info."

Google has been focusing on its white-label tech since it shut down its internal game studio last year, and had discussed deals with Peloton, Bungie, and Capcom to use its streaming platform outside of Stadia. The company is also slowly opening up its Stadia ecosystem with free gameplay trials and allowing anyone to view its game store without an account.

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